NEWS: Event


2022.06.13EventGlobal Innovation Forum 2022 is now open
2022.06.09EventReportThe Embassy of Colombia, ProClombia and Osaka Innovation Hub hosted a collaborative event together for the first time
2022.06.07EventReportSecond Collaboration Pitch Event Held with Singaporean Startup Support Organization ACE
2022.06.02EventReportHosted global pitch event, “GET IN THE RING OSAKA 2021-Sustainable Business- “
2021.12.14EventGET IN THE RING OSAKA 2021 Apply as an audience
2020.11.06EventKick-off of Osaka Startup Ecosystem ~The World’s Top Accelerators Talk about the Attractions of Osaka~
2020.10.02EventHack Award 2021 Contest Entry Now Opened
2020.08.27EventApplications has opened! “GET IN THE RING OSAKA 2020 -AI edition-“
2020.02.19EventNotificationNotification「GET IN THE RING OSAKA 2020」will be hold with NO AUDIENCE
2020.02.10EventReportFrom Osaka to the World! A qualifier held for the Startup World Cup
2019.12.02EventReportThe State of Washington US and OBDA discussed sending the Osaka delegation to A.I. Meetup in Seattle next year
2019.11.21EventReportHack Osaka 2020 – Launch of the official website