GET IN THE RING OSAKA 2021 -Sustainable Business-

December 14th, 2021

GET IN THE RING OSAKA 2021 was held entirely online under the theme “Sustainable Business. In the heated pitch battle in the ring, three winners were selected from each of the Light, Middle, and Heavy classes and awarded tickets to the Global Meetup2022 to be held in The Hague, the Netherlands, in November 2022.

GET IN THE RING OSAKA 2020 -AI edition-

Thursday, December 3, 2020, at 6:30 pm

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It was the first-ever virtual edition of Get In The Ring Osaka, which came out fighting against 2020 with an entirely online setup, streaming the event live on YouTube.Three winners of each weight class got the opportunity to talk with GITR’s global partners with a view to developing their businesses and striking some deals. Other prizes were also given by the companies: AWS Prize, FUJITSU Prize, PR TIMES Prize, and Kyobashi Wine Prize.


Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 6:30 pm

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<2021 -Sustainable Business->

Light Weight Class

Ms. Aya Tsuboi
Sunda Technology Global

The installation of pay-as-you-go systems in Ugandan wells creates an automated fee collection mechanism. A Japanese female entrepreneur who is confronting the most important issue of water in Africa has won a victory!

Middle Weight Class

Mr. Tadashi KUBO
AC Biode

Developed and deployed Plastalyst, a catalyst that carbonizes or depolymerizes organic and plastic waste at low temperatures. They are developing a chemical catalyst (patent pending) to break down plastic waste into monomer gas. Mr. Kubo, who also had boxing experience, had the upper hand!

Heavy Weight Class

Ms. Viktoriya Shirota

Developed and deployed Cambrian, a carbon battery that can be recharged quickly, approximately 10 times faster, and lasts five times longer than a typical lithium-ion battery. It contains no rare metals and contributes to reducing environmental impact. Congratulations!

<2020 -AI->

Light Weight Class

Lizuna  CEO Jason Sio

Deveroping an eCommerce fraud and risk analytical system.

Middle Weight Class

EAGLYS Inc.  Dir. Global Business Development Michal Kiezik

Provides a Secure Computing Platform for sharing, storing, analyzing, and machine learning over encrypted data.

Heavy Weight Class

Hishab Ltd.  FOUNDER & CEO Zubair Ahmed

Developer of a voice based digital systems interface platform and experts in vocal data analysis and biometrics.


Light Weight Class

HoloAsh, Inc.  CEO Yoshua Kishi

In the US, 44M adults have a mental disorder and over half of them don’t get any treatment because they know it can be a hassle and very expensive. So this AI friend will make mental health support accessible anytime anywhere without breaking the bank. If you’re in a bad mood and need someone to talk to, our AI friend is here for you 24/7.

Middle Weight Class

Nihon Agri, Inc.  CEO Shohei Naito

Strives to vertically integrate the entire agricultural value chain by engaging in production, import, marketing, and plant variety management of high quality Japanese agricultural varieties.


Light Weight Class

Sagri, Inc  Founder & CEO Shunsuke Tsuboi

They are developing agriculture software for experienced farmers. Gathering satellite data and ground data, to use our proprietary technology to help farmers increase their harvest yields.

Middle Weight Class

Phibbit, Inc  CEO Satoko Ohtsuki

Phybbit provides clients with an AI powered ad fraud countermeasure tool to automate data collection. Making effective marketing and advertising possible without exploitation


Light Weight Class

MARUI PlugIn, Inc CEO Max Krichenbauer

MARUI is a plug-In for Autodesk Maya that allows you to do your modeling and animation work in VR with your favorite VR headset. MARUI 3 not only allows you to work comfortably with unlimited workspace and freedom of posture, but also can reduce your production costs up to 50%.

Middle Weight Class

Trillium Secure, Inc. Chief Of Staff Adrian Sossna

Developing and market breakthrough IDPS technology for IVN authentication-encryption and firmware authentication augmented by CyberHealth monitoring. We provide safety, privacy and data integrity for connected vehicles with our patented, multi-layered embedded software solutions.



Triple W Japan,Inc CEO Atsushi Nakanishi

Their product called“D-Free” stands for “diaper-free.” It helps to prevent accidental urinary leaks. Seniors and people with disabilities who need to manage a loss of bladder control.