Hack Osaka 2023 - 2nd. Edition -

Theme: Accelerating innovation in Osaka

December 18th (Mon) 2023
December 19th (Tue) 2023


Hack Osaka 2023

Theme: -Future Society
(Abundant, Secure and Sustainable Society)-

Date: February 21th (Tue) 2023

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Hack Osaka 2022

Theme: -Future Society
(Abundant, Secure and Sustainable Society)-

Date: February 20th (Thu) 2022

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Hack Osaka 2021

Theme: -In the era of New Normal, how can Osaka's/Kansai's strengths contribute to the world?-

Date: February 18th (Thu) 2021

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Hack Osaka 2020

Theme: -How to make a successful open innovation-

Date: February 27th (Thu) 2020

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Hack Osaka 2019

Theme: -Paradigm Shift toward Hack Osaka Movement-

Date: March 13th (Wed) 2019

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Hack Osaka 2018

Theme: Power to Connect and Get Connected Produces Serendipity -Give Before You Get-

Date: February 17th (Tue) 2018

Hack Osaka 2017

Theme: -The Power of Design for Innovative Culture-

Date: February 9th (Thu) 2017

Hack Osaka 2016

Theme: -Go Forward Strongly to Innovation-

Date: Feb. 17 (Wed.), 2016

Hack Osaka 2015

Theme: -How to be unique and to develop Original Innovation Ecosystem and startups-

Date: Feb. 10th (Tue) 2015

Hack Osaka 2014

Theme: -Future that IoT can bring-

Date: Feb. 19th (Wed) 2014

Hack Osaka 2013

Theme: -Innovations in the world-

Date: Feb.14 (Thu)2013

※Please be advised that photos and videos will be taken for publication purposes, and interviews may be undertaken. We humbly request that entries to the event be made only upon confirmation and agreement to your possible appearance on any of the aforementioned materials. Personal information provided to the event is solely used within the scope of the purposes stipulated in advance, and is not provided to third parties. Please note that the Hack Osaka 2020 Executive Committee (City of Osaka & Urban Innovation Institute), which plans and implements this project and the Osaka Business Development Agency, which manages publications for this project, will have access to personal information processed for this event.

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Global Innovation Conference
Hack Osaka Executive Committee
(Urban Innovation Institute)

(Mon – Fri 9:30 – 17:30 ※Closed during national holidays and year-end/new year holidays)