Product Development Program “The 2nd Mono-App-Hackathon”

Host: City Planning Bureau, City of Osaka Operator: innovate! osaka

A challenge to create a new product from Osaka! You will experience an innovative way of product development with IT.

The Mono-App-Hackathon is coming back! Hardware (Mono) × Software (App) = Hackathon?!

Mono-App-Hackathon is an exciting and innovative program. In this program, you will create a functional prototype of an original electronic gadget under a given theme in a short period on a team.

Chris Anderson says in “MAKERS” that even individual persons can produce hardware by using IT nowadays. We held the first “Mono-App-Hackathon” in January, 2013 in Osaka, the core city of Kansai Area, Japan. Kansai is the area which has the deep relationship with the manufacturing business such as home electronic appliance.

In spite of restricted time schedule for two days, people from the different field formed teams and eagerly created prototypes with methodology of design thinking. It brought original works based on an idea of user side and many encounters.

For the second time of this event, the theme is “Health*”. Health is close to everybody and enormously significant in society. This time, we set a longer period to create prototypes for a week, in response of a request from the previous participants who has wanted more time to build prototypes with high quality.

*You could approach “Health” from various aspects, such as controlling, maintaining, improving, restoring, and so on. The details of theme will be announced at Ideason on the first day.

If you look for an opportunity of developing a concept and a product in a team, are interested in a new way of service development that is mixture of hardware and software, and explor a possibility of a new manufacturing business, “Mono-App-Hackathon” is for you!

For the brief overview of the first “Mono-App-Hackathon”, please refer to the following:
[Event Report] Mono-App-Hackathon 2013.01.26-2013.01.27

Examples of the technique, language, parts which were used mainly in the first Mono-App-Hackathon

Arduino MEGA ADK R3, Arduino Uno R3, Wi-Fi Shield, Servo motors, Buzzer, Pressure sensor, Sound sensor, Acceleration sensor, Resistor

Android(Nexus 7 etc.), Python(used by Server-side), PHP(used by Server-side), JAVA(used for development of Android application), Amazon Web Service EC2(provided by Organizer), Rental server, GitHub(provided by Organizer), etc.

Styrene board, Lego, etc.


Ideathon & First screening
9:00 – 21:00 on July 6th (Sat.), 2013

Hackathon & Final screening
9:00 – 21:00 on July 13th (Sat.), 2013
*Refer to the program for more information.

Participation fee

3,000 yen (tax included)

Target/Number of applicants

1) IT hardware engineers
・Engineers who have experienced manufacturing electronic devices in use of Arduino or Raspberry Pi, etc.
Application has already closed.

2. IT software engineers (open to 10 applicants)
Engineers who have experienced developing Web based system

3. Product designers
・People who have experience or interest in product design
Application has already closed.

4. Business planners
・People who have interest in the hardware business
・People who want to propose a new plan with the concept of creative design and manufacturing

Application has already closed.


Osaka Innovation Hub
7th Floor, Grand Front Osaka Tower-C
3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0001 Japan
The detailed access


・Mr. Masaki Taniguchi , GOB Laboratory
・Mr. Naoki Watanabe, GOB Laboratory

・Mr. Natsuo Akazawa, representative, PLEN Project Committee
・Mr. Naohiro Hayaishi, engineer, PLEN Project Committee


    • Ideathon & First screening (July 6th, Sat.)
      ・Idea workshop
      ・Presentation & First screening
      ・Announcement of first screening result / Reorganize of team
      ・Preparation for making prototype
      *Expected end time: 21:00
    • Development period (July 7th to July 12th)
      *Each team works freely for final presentation.
    • Hackathon & Final presentation (July 13th, Sat.)
      ・Final adjustment for the product and preparation for the final presentation
      ・Final screening
      ・General comment *The particularly excellent team may be invited to related events such as an international conference to hold later.


innovate! osaka Office
TEL: 06-6359-3004 (Mon.-Fri. 10:00-20:30 *Except for public holidays and new-year-holidays)

*This project is operated by innovate! osaka which is organized by Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, SunBridge Global Ventures Inc., Urban Innovation Institute and Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center, under entrustment by Osaka City.

Application dead line

18:00 on July 1st (Mon.), 2013

Application has already closed.
Thank you for many applications.