Startup Session ”Dog eat dog!”

Host: City Planning Bureau, City of Osaka

The situation is threatening. Come together, innovators!

– An inverted public order when the lowly reigned over the elite.

Just one idea might give you an opportunity to go out into the world nowadays.
What does it take to outdo rival startups in business world where venture companies can actually be successful ahead of major enterprises?
Seniors in the innovation world will give knowledge, wisdom, and courage to the contestants through lecture and panel discussion at this event. It is your choice to take it or leave it.

To the people from enterprises and investors, this pitch session by new generation of innovators will find you the new seeds of innovation.

Come together, innovators. To Osaka, and to the world.

Date and time

2:00pm-6:00pm, Saturday, December 14, 2013 (Reception desk opens at 1:30pm.)


2:00pm Keynote “Possibility to change the world by innovation from Osaka(tentative)”
Koichiro Tsujino, Founder & CEO, ALEX Corporation
2:45pm Panel Discussion ”Basics for startup!”
・ Koichiro Tsujino, Founder & CEO, ALEX Corporation
・ Sorato Ijichi, Founder & CEO, Creww
・ Shinya Nakajima, President, EPLGA co.,ltd.
3:30pm Pitch session (Five minutes each for all contestants)Five contestants who learned the secrets to win the hearts of people, from “communication” professionals of Yoshimoto Kogyo, the pride and the origin of comedy in Osaka, will be in the pitch session.

・ Genki Kanaya, CEO, Galaxy agency, inc.
・ Kousuke Migita, SABA HAKASE, Sabaya
・ Hiromi Nakajima, CEO, solairo Co., Ltd.
・ Sada Yukihiro, CEO, DesignEgg Co., Ltd.
・ Yusuke Shouno, CEO, Warrantee Inc.

・ Hidenori Nakai, Yoshimoto Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
・ Koichiro Tsujino, Founder & CEO, ALEX Corporation
・ Sorato Ijichi, Founder & CEO, Creww
・ Shinya Nakajima, President, EPLGA co.,ltd.

4:30pm General comment
5:00pm Networking session
6:00pm Closing

※The Program is subject to change without notice. Thank you.

<Speaker/ Panelist / Judge>

Koichiro Tsujino | Founder & CEO ALEX Corporation
Born in 1957 in Fukuoka Prefecture. Graduated from Keio University’s Graduate School of Engineering in 1984 and entered Sony Corporation in the same year. Through the company’s overseas study program, went to the United States to study at California Institute of Technology’s Department of Electrical Engineering. Developed such Sony hit products as the “VAIO” personal computer, the “Sugoroku” HDD DVD recorder, the “CoCoon” television channel server and other major products. After resigning from Sony in March 2006, joined Google in 2007 and was appointed president of Google Japan in January 2009. Played a key role in Google’s growth in the Japanese market. Resigned in April 2010 to establish ALEX Corporation with like-minded members. Currently serving as representative director, president and CEO of ALEX Corporation. Also, an outside board member of KLab Inc. and AOI Pro. Inc. Visiting professor of the Fuculty of Commerce, Waseda University. Wrote the book, Everything Google Needed I Learned at Sony (Shinchosha, Shincho-Bunko) .
Sorato Ijichi | Founder & CEO Creww
Shinya Nakajima | President EPLGA co.,ltd.
Hidenori Nakai | Yoshimoto Kogyo Co.,Ltd.



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6:00pm, Friday, December 13, 2013


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