Should I use the PowerWater® or the RapidWater™ DNA Isolation Kit?

 The PowerWater® DNA Isolation Kit includes our patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® (IRT) and works best for turbid water samples containing dissolved organic matter or metals. If your sample is clean ground water or from some potable water source then the RapidWater™ DNA Isolation Kit can be used and will be faster. If you are unsure which to use then go with the PowerWater® DNA Isolation Kit.


Can I use my own filter membranes or do I have to order yours?

Our water kits will work for all types of commonly used filter membranes such as those made from polyethersulfone, cellulose acetate, nitrocellulose, and polycarbonate. As long as the filters are 47 mm in diameter they will work with the MO BIO PowerWater® and RapidWater™ DNA Isolation Kits.


Can the PowerWater® DNA Isolation Kit be used for isolation of DNA from filtered liquids other than water? What about filtered air?

Yes, the PowerWater® DNA Isolation Kit can be used for microbes filtered from virtually any liquid or air. It has been used for urine, sewer water, dusty air, and even contaminated oil well water.


Can I use other types of filter units like Millipores’s Sterivex™ or SteriPak™ with the PowerWater® DNA Isolation Kit or the RapidWater DNA Isolation Kit?

Yes, Sterivex® and SteriPak® filter units can be used with the PowerWater® or the RapidWaters® DNA Isolation kits. Before doing so, the filter unit plastic housing must be opened, the filter membrane removed and then cut into pieces before placement into the bead tube. A kit for in-unit DNA extraction is available for Sterivex™ Filter Units (MO BIO Cat# 14600).


 I have some frozen water samples. Can I use the PowerWater® DNA Isolation Kit?

Freeze/thawing of water samples may result in microbial lysis which cannot then be filtered onto membranes without risking loss of nucleic acids. Samples in smaller aliquots (such as those concentrated via centrifugation) may be processed using other kits such as the PowerSoil® or PowerMax® DNA Isolation Kits (MO BIO cat# 12888, 12988). Otherwise, if freezing the samples is desired we recommend filtering them onto membranes first and then placing the membranes into the freezer. Many people store the filters inside the PowerWater® bead tubes when freezing so that the filter membrane can be processed directly using the kit without the need for transferring.


What’s the best way to preserve the DNA in my water samples before extraction?

The best way to store the samples is to filter your water through a membrane, place the membrane into the dry PowerWater® Bead Tube and store at -20°C. If freezing is not an option, the membrane can be dried down under vacuum and placed dry into the bead tube before storing.