Yoshihisa Naganuma

Kobe-based ACALL develops software that helps companies boost their productivity. It automates and streamlines the process of welcoming guests as well as keeping in touch after a meeting.

“I was the CEO of a small engineering company. We had no receptionist,” CEO Yoshihisa Naganuma explains the reason why he developed the solution. “When a guest came, one of us had to stop whatever we were working on. That was a huge distraction and hindered our productivity.”

They set out to build simple software for themselves with the intention of making both guests and hosts happy. A solution that improves productivity without compromising the sense of hospitality from the guests’ perspective. It turned out that their guests also wanted the system in their own companies.

Today, ACALL is much more than a reception system. It has integrated all the elements that were controlled separately in the office, such as reception, entry and exit control, meeting room reservation, etc. Their highly customizable system and interface contributes to user convenience, and also to the branding of the company.

With the evolution of IoT, AI and security-related climate, ACALL continues to revolutionize, expand and diversify their services for a better functionality and use from users’ perspectives.

Company name:ACALL
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Business description:ACALL automates the process of welcoming guests in corporations with a strong sense of hospitality.

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