Genki Kanaya
Contentsakippa provides a sharing service app that allows drivers to easily find and reserve a parking space.
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Osaka-based akippa is a leading company in the Japanese sharing economy, gaining over 1 million users in 5 years. Their goal is to build the world’s largest mobility platform by 2030.

“Entrepreneurs need two qualities: logical thinking and more importantly perseverance,” says CEO Genki Kanaya. He learned the latter playing soccer, trying to make it to the professional league.

It was a blackout that inspired him to start a business that would be “indispensable” for society, just like electricity. Genki and his early employees brainstormed about the services they would love to use themselves and solve real problems. They came up with many ideas, one of which was parking sharing.

Since 2014, akippa has grown exponentially. It is a magnet for top talents who used to work for IT giants such as Google and Rakuten. “There are many professionals in Tokyo who want to go back to their hometown in Kansai. A startup with an interesting and growing business in Osaka can attract them.”

“We define our company as ‘Problem-solvers’. Our becoming #1 company globally will make the world a better place. That’s why we aim to reach to the top as a company based in Osaka.” This young CEO is creating an exciting future where anyone can go and meet the people they love anywhere, anytime.

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