Event<Online> OIH × ACE in Singapore Collab Pitch Event

<Online> OIH × ACE in
Singapore Collab Pitch Event

Smart Connectivity for
Future Urban Environments

OIH & ACE Singapore are hosting a collaborative event together. We will introduce cutting-edge startups whose focus is on contributing to the connectivity of people within future urban environments.

We welcome corporations, venture capitals, and anyone else who is interested in innovation.

Please join us and watch these budding startups from Singapore and Japan!


About ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship)

Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) is the national voice for the Singapore startup ecosystem, and a key trade association representing the interests of startups in Singapore. As the driving force behind Singapore as an Innovation Island, ACE is creating a virtual and physical space where ideas, knowledge, and capabilities are transformed into value efficiently.


About Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH)

Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH) is the Osaka City government-backed startup community. We serve as your business concierge and gateway to our fast-growing startup/tech ecosystem to generate more innovations together.

Our focus is on international startups, media, investors and incubation/acceleration programs which want to venture into this vibrant city of entrepreneurship. Engaging with OIH will help you gain local trust and expand your network in and around Osaka, Japan.

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Date & Time
March 4th Fri. 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm (JST)
Online (Via Zoom)
Up to 100 people
March 3rd Thu. 12:00 pm
Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH),
Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE)
Cooperating Organization



Opening remarks(OIH,ACE)
Singapore startup pitch
(Pitch 7mins, Q&A 3mins.)
3. WaveScan Technologies Pte. Ltd.
Japan startup pitch
( Pitch 7mins, Q&A 3mins.)
4. DroNext, inc
5. Koeerü Inc.
6. Innovare Co.,
Closing remarks(OIH,ACE)

Participating Companies (From Singapore)

Stefan Fang logo-elxr

Steffan Fung, Founder/CEO

ELXR is your Personalized Cloud Sports Club, a D2C Outdoor Lifestyle Brand designed to bring together users, trainers and businesses together on a single platform. ELXR has been selected for prestigious startup accelerator programmes, including those organised by 500 Startups Kobe, and Plug and Play Japan and was awarded “Best International Startup” in 2019. They have run multiple POC and projects with Ajinomoto, Central Sports, Panasonic and JR East throughout the years.

emir-nurov logo-resync

Emir Nurov, Managing Director

Resync provides an AI driven Intelligent Energy Cloud Solution for Smart City and Distributed Energy Assets. Based in Singapore, Resync’s cutting edge technology and machine learning enhanced solution ensures advanced analytics and energy savings for smart buildings, renewable energy assets and smart homes!

yee-jiat logo-wavescan

WaveScan Technologies Pte. Ltd.
Yee Jiat, Management Associate

WaveScan is a Singapore-based, deep-tech start-up specialising in the R&D and product development of disruptive beamforming electromagnetics-based radar scanner technology. Our proprietary technology builds upon a decade-long R&D on microwave and millimeter-wave, wireless, see-through scanners capable of high-resolution 3D imaging for non-destructive testing (NDT) applications. Our current clientele comprises a wide range of industries including infrastructure and oil & gas.

Participating Companies (From Japan)

michael-mcdowell logo-dronext

DroNext, inc.
​Asa Quesenberry, Founder/CEO

DroNext is positioning itself as the premiere Air Mobility service provider in Japan. Its business focuses primarily on the development, integration and operation of vertiport facilities, infrastructure points that house a number of drone related services including drone delivery, air taxis, data collection, disaster response systems, etc and then allows communities to access these systems as needed. In the short term, it has also developed a number of auxiliary air mobility services including drone and aquatic drone operation teams, consulting, market entry services and more to support the early stages of the industry here in Japan.

michael-mcdowell logo-koeeru

Koeerü Inc.
Michael McDowell, Founder/CEO

Koeerü Inc. is a Kyoto-based startup specializing in the development of Voice of Consumer data platforms. Using our propriety VoC products, we apply design thinking methodology to create custom solutions for each client’s specific data needs.

michael-mcdowell logo-innovare

Innovare Co.,
Koryu Kawatani, CEO

Innovare produces green chemical products from natural rubber seeds instead of fossil fuels. We will contribute to the carbon-neutral in society with practical solutions. And we encourage the natural rubber plantation farmer because they face a business continuity crisis due to rubber market trends. Considering such problems, Innovare will make Bio-Diesel fuel and other green chemical products from Rubber seeds.

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