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Hack Osaka 2021
2021.2.18 THU.

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-In the era of New Normal,
how can Osaka's/Kansai's strengths contribute to the world?-

”Hack Osaka”- the annual global innovation conference. In this year’s iteration themed “In the era of New Normal, how can Osaka's/Kansai's strengths contribute to the world?” Entrepreneurs, investors, large corporations, and students alike will participate as the main players to the ecosystem and discuss the importance of innovation creation and the potential generated through interregional collaboration under the scope of the COVID-19 crisis. Meanwhile, the genuine connections formed at the event will also help spread the “Hack Osaka Movement,” the unique engine to a continuous stream of innovation, to the world.

Moreover, we will invite entrepreneurs originating from Osaka/Kansai and the university initiatives in the Kansai region to inspire entrepreneurship amongst future generations. These programs are intended to expand our innovation network worldwide.

※Kansai, a metropolitan area of around 33,000 km² centered around Osaka and the surrounding cities and regions such as Kyoto and Kobe, is home to a population of around 23 million, and amasses countless major corporations, SMEs in manufacturing, prestigious academic and research institutions.

The attractions of Osaka/Kansai as an Innovation City

The Osaka/Kansai area is home to many of Japan's leading companies and has an active open innovation program. For more information on specific companies and the investment environment, please refer to the following external links.

●Kansai Association of Corporate Executives site:(The Declaration of Startup Friendly Kansai)

●Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry site:(Invest Japan, Invest Kansai)


February 18, 2021 (Thu.) 13:00 – 18:00



*Applications will be closed once the maximum number of applicants has been reached.

*Please log in to EventHub to view and interact with the event. Please make sure to register in advance.


Global Innovation Conference Hack Osaka Executive Committee

Osaka City, Urban Innovation Institute, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Osaka

Cooperated by

Osaka Prefecture

Kyoto Prefecture

Hyogo Prefecture

Kyoto City

Kobe City

Keihanna Research Complex

Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute international

500 Startups

Plug and Play Japan

Rainmaking Innovation Japan LLC.


Action Community for Entrepreneurship(ACE)

taliki Inc.

Supported by

Osaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium

Kyoto Startup Ecosystem Promotion Council(Kyoto Wisdom Industry Creation Center)

Hyogo Kobe Startup Ecosystem Consortium

Kinki Bureau of Telecommunications

Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Japan Association of New Economy

U.S. Consulate General Osaka-Kobe

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore

Israel Economic & Trade Mission in Japan

Embassy of the United Mexican States in Japan

Supported by the British Consulate-General Osaka

Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Osaka

Knowledge Capital


*This is the time table on February 18th, 2021 (Thu.)

Time Program Title / Theme Speakers
13:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks Welcome & Opening Remarks Mayor of Osaka Mr. Ichiro Matsui
13:20 Keynote Speech Hub for Ventures and Research Institutes "Osaka Area" Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine /Professor, Department of Clinical Gene Therapy

Dr. Ryuichi Morishita
14:00 Panel Discussion How to unlock Kansai, one of the largest markets in Japan (Panelists)
Plug and Play Japan /Managing Partner & CEO
Mr. Phillip Vincent

Rainmaking Innovation Japan LLC /CEO
Mr. Joshua Flannery

500 Startups /Japan Country Lead, Innovation & Partnerships
Ms. Ayumi Ode

taliki Inc. /CEO
Ms. Taka Nakamura
15:00 International Pitch Contest,
Hack Award 2021
Future Society
~Smart City, Healthcare and FoodTech~
10 domestic and international startups *Click here)for details
16:35 Local update What's New in Osaka’s/Kansai’s Innovation Scene
17:05 Hack Award 2021 Ceremony
17:20 Closing Remarks


Hack Award 2021

The “Hack Award” is a global business plan contest that matches entrepreneurs’ ideas and business models against one another. This year, up-and-coming startups that have gathered domestic and international interest in the “Smart City,” “Healthcare,” and “FoodTech” fields will be competing under the theme of Future Society.

Keynote Speech

Professor Morishita, founder of AnGes, a biopharmaceutical company that develops genetic medicine, and a member of the Advisory Committee on the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, will talk about Osaka's potential for innovation creation.

Dr. Ryuichi Morishita
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine /Professor, Department of Clinical Gene Therapy

Local Update

Last year, Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe was selected as a global startup city in the strategies for creation of startup ecosystem to compete with the world top ecosystems. Here is the latest information on what's happening in the innovation scene there.

Panel Discussion

Three global accelerators that promote open innovation between companies in Kansai and domestic and international startups will discuss on the appeal of Osaka’s/Kansai’s startup ecosystem.

Mr. Phillip Vincent (Plug and Play Japan /Managing Partner & CEO)

Mr. Joshua Flannery (Rainmaking Innovation Japan LLC /CEO)

Ms. Ayumi Ode (500 Startups /Japan Country Lead, Innovation & Partnerships)

Moderator: Ms. Taka Nakamura (taliki Inc. /CEO)

Tech Meeting
~Matching program for collaboration of industry and academia~

This is a program that aims to match the research seeds of universities in the Kansai region with companies that are considering joint research or use of patents based on the seeds by publishing seeds on the website.(Participation is limited to domestic companies.)

Startup Business Meeting

On February 24th (Wed.) and 25th (Thu.), online meetup event will be held mainly for up-and-coming startups who will participate on Hack Award 2021 and major corporations in Osaka/Kansai.(Participation is limited to domestic companies.)

Thanks to


Senshu Ikeda Capital Co., Ltd.


Kintetsu Venture Partners,Inc.

Keihan Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Keihan Holdings Co.,Ltd.

SAKURA internet Inc.



Toppan Printing CO., LTD.

Nankai Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.

Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp.

Business Plaza Osaka

Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Uzabase, Inc.

The Yomiuri Shimbun

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