OIH Seed Acceleration Program (OSAP)


OIH Seed Acceleration Program (OSAP)

Through this program, Osaka City supports entrepreneurs from seed stage to early start-up stage to accelerate commercialization through providing them with appropriate mentoring and coordinating collaborations and tie-ups with seed accelerators and big corporations.

  • ・Management trustee provides an individual acceleration meeting once a week
  • ・Individual meeting given by mentors of the Program
  • ・Training/workshop presented by management trustees, mentors and outside supporters
  • ・At the end of the program, those who attend the program present a business plan and service contents in front of VCs and large corporations, and set up a demonstration day to appeal to them for investment and business tie-ups.

Aiming at generating world-class innovation from the Kansai area, Osaka City started the seed acceleration program. It has also set up Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH) at Umekita Grand Front Osaka and provides the common grounds for startups seeking global expansion to meet potential investors and large corporations.

All of the ten companies from OSAP Batch #7 made brilliant pitches on the recent Demo Day. At the final ceremony, SEQUENCE Corporation received the Accelerator Award, Bridge Corporation the Audience Award, and Omoiyari Design LLC the Mentors Award, respectively.

The application for its 8th batch has closed on November 1, and soon a new cohort will join the growth-minded community. OSAP, with its expertise and network accumulated through years of experience, will continue to be a great partner for startups and entrepreneurs who are hungry to scale their businesses.

List of Batch #7 companies

OIH Seed Acceleration Program (OSAP)



  • 運営受託者によるアクセラレーションを週1回個別に実施
  • 本プログラムのメンター陣による個別面談
  • 運営受託者、メンター及び他の外部支援者による研修・ワークショップ
  • プログラム終盤に、プログラム受講者がベンチャーキャピタリストや大企業の前でビジネスモデルやサービス内容を説明し、投資や事業提携の実施等を訴求するデモデイの実施
  •  本シードアクセラレーションプログラムをはじめ、世界に通用するイノベーションを関西から生み出すため、うめきたグランフロント大阪に「大阪イノベーションハブ(OIH)」を設置し、グローバル展開をめざすベンチャー企業等と、投資家や大企業等とが出会う場を提供しています。