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vol.3 Visa for foreigners and status of residence in Japan (2)

Foreigners are not allowed to engage in paid activities in Japan with a “Temporary Visitor” visa. You need to obtain a work permitted status of residence in order to work continually at a branch of foreign company, or a subsidiary in Japan when you enter full-scale business operation starting phase (the early stage). You are not allowed to start engaging in paid work until you get such work permitted status of residence in Japan.

1. Status of Residence “Business Manager”

In order to operate a business in Japan, foreigners need to obtain a status of residence under the category of “Business Manager”. The main criteria include such as:
•A facility to be used for the business office must be secured. “A virtual office is not considered as a business office.”
•Employment of two or more full-time employees other than the person engaged in operation or management of the business, or 5 million JPY or more capital or investment is required.

2. The Foreign Entrepreneurship Promotion Project (Start-up Visa)

Even if you have not yet fulfilled the criteria mentioned in the above 1., Osaka City government offer a “Start-up Visa” program that allows foreign start-up entrepreneurs wishing to obtain a status of residence under the category of “Business Manager” to stay in Japan for up to one year to do preliminary research for opening an office and for a preparation period.

The Confirmation Certificate will be issued when a foreign start-up entrepreneur submits a company preparation activity plan prepared with support from the “Foreign Entrepreneurship Promotion & Support Desk” to Osaka City government and is judged to be expected to meet the requirements for the “Business Manager” status within one year. By submitting this Confirmation Certificate and the required documents to the Immigration Bureau for examination, the “Designated Activities” status will be granted for a maximum of one year (The extension procedure is required after six months).

For the eligible business fields, required documents, etc., detailed requirements and application procedures, please contact Foreign Entrepreneurship Promotion & Support Desk in Osaka.

[Foreign Entrepreneurship Promotion & Support Desk in Osaka’s Website]

3. Preferential Immigration Treatment for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Point-based System

Foreign nationals who have reached a total of 70 points in one of the three categories of “Advanced academic research activities”, “Advanced specialized/technical activities”, or “Advanced business and management activities”, and who have been certified as Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals as a result of a comprehensive screening process are entitled to preferential immigration treatment, such as the granting of longest period of stay legally permitted (5 years) and relaxation of requirements for grant of the permission for permanent residence concerning the period of stay in Japan.

This column is based on the information as of December 1, 2022. Please note that this information is subject to change at any time.

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