OIH × ACE in Singapore Collab Pitch Event (March 4, 2022)

Osaka Innovation Hub regularly holds collaborative events with overseas startup support organizations with the aim of encouraging Japanese startups to expand overseas and overseas startups to enter the Japanese market.

This time, we held our second collaborative pitch event with ACE, a startup support organization in Singapore.

First, we introduced an overview of us and our activities.

After that, the pitch session began, with a total of 6 startups, 3 from Singapore and 3 from Japan, taking the stage. These startup companies support the future city where “people are more connected” with unique digital solutions.

3 startups from Singapore

A D2C personal cloud sports club service that connects users, trainers, and companies on a single platform.

Provides energy solutions through an AI x cloud platform.

WaveScan Technologies Pte. Ltd.
Providing non-destructive testing solutions through research and product development in microwave, millimeter wave, wireless, see-through scanner and other technologies.

3 startups from Japan

DroNext, inc.
Developing Vertiport as an airfield to house various drone-related services.

Koeerü Inc.
Developing and providing a data platform specialized in Voice of Customer (VOC).

Innovare Co.,Ltd.
Aiming to produce and sell biodiesel fuel from natural rubber seed generated from natural rubber plantations in ASEAN.

Startups from Singapore, the gateway to Asia, and Japan, offering cutting-edge solutions around IoT, platforms, and energy, shared their fascinating visions of the city of the future.

If you missed this event, we’ve also uploaded a video of the events on the OIH YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure!

About the Event

OIH × ACE in Singapore Collab Pitch Event
Date:4th March, 2022

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