New Web Contents Released Introducing The Osaka Startup Ecosystem


New Web Contents Released Introducing The Osaka Startup Ecosystem

Have you ever wondered;

“Why Osaka?”
“How is it different from other cities?”
“What support programs are available?”

Now, you have these questions answered.

Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH) has been supporting the formation of the startup ecosystem in Osaka as the foundation of generating chains of innovations, hosting over 250 events and programs per year since its establishment in April 2013. The growth of the community is so evident that OIH Seed Acceleration Program (OSAP), which started in 2016, alone has raised a total of 4.8 billion yen (roughly 42 million USD).

It is our pleasure to announce that a new web content titled “Osaka Startup Ecosystem” is now released within OIH’s website to introduce this city of innovations to the entire nation and the world. The Osaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium, a cross-organizational project launched in November 2019, took the lead in organizing this invaluable collection of information.

Although it is impossible to cover everything that is happening in this fast-growing community, you will have a good basic understanding of what has attracted entrepreneurs to the city of Osaka throughout its history to this day.

Click the link below and discover it for yourself.