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2022.06.09EventReportThe Embassy of Colombia, ProClombia and Osaka Innovation Hub hosted a collaborative event together for the first time
2022.06.07EventReportSecond Collaboration Pitch Event Held with Singaporean Startup Support Organization ACE
2022.06.02EventReportHosted global pitch event, “GET IN THE RING OSAKA 2021-Sustainable Business- “
2021.03.25ReportMARUI Plug-In –
Why Osaka Is The Best Place To Start Your Business In Japan
2021.03.12ReportHow to start a business in Osaka
2021.03.03ReportDetermined to launch services in Japan after working as a mentor for Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka
2021.02.05Report5 Osaka startups join “Startup City Acceleration Program” by the Cabinet office, Government of Japan
2021.01.29ReportOsaka, a city of blooming opportunities (Mapxus, Jan 2021)
2020.12.07ReportInteractive humanoid: an AI solution to communications The Digital Human
2020.10.27ReportT-CEP(Technology Commercialization Entrepreneurship Program) : An Innovative Personnel Training Program to “Change Innovative Idea into Wealth”
2020.10.20ReportOIH & Nordic Innovation House in Tokyo, our first time collaborative Online Event!