NewsInteractive humanoid: an AI solution to communications The Digital Human


Interactive humanoid: an AI solution to communications The Digital Human

If you hear ‘A digital worker has come’, what would you think of? Some of you may remember smart speakers, chatbot or RPA. Digital Human, Inc. has made a real ‘dialogue + emotional expression’ by use of artificial intelligence (AI), and offers a ‘Digital Human’ that can build a brand/company value through new customer experience.

In Japan, few people have seen Digital Humans actually working, but they are being used all over the world, in roles such as assistants, ambassadors, influencers and support advisers. In addition, potentially they will play the roles of entertainers such as comedians, or tour guides. Now Digital Humans have been deployed in the Kansai Region, where a lot of support will be given under the strategic special zone policy ahead of the Osaka-Kansai World Expo 2025.

Our life has been undergoing dramatic changes with ageing society, changes in the way we work and the influence of the COVID-19. There is a growing expectation that Digital Humans will be an effective tool to support our life, and will be able to offer solutions for many tasks.

Digital Human, Inc. specialise in digital human business in Japan, and it is a business unit of UneeQ, Inc. ( of New Zealand. Digital Human, Inc. is taking forward the collaboration with call centre companies, BMW and IBM. You can see a video of a digital human at the company’s website. Why not try the world of a digital human?

対話+感情表現型 コミュニケーションAIソリューションを提供するデジタルヒューマン



少子高齢化や働き方の変化、コロナの影響で世の中は大きく変わっています。デジタルヒューマンが多くの課題を解決し、我々の生活を支える有効な手段として期待されています。デジタルヒューマン株式会社はニュージーランドのUneeQ, Inc.(の日本におけるデジタルヒューマン事業を専門に行う企業です。コールセンター企業、BMW, IBM等と連携を推進しています。ホームページではデジタルヒューマン動画を公開しています。デジタルヒューマンを体験してはいかがでしょうか。