NewsDetermined to launch services in Japan after working as a mentor for Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka


Determined to launch services in Japan after working as a mentor for Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka

Mr Jed Ng, a venture builder who set up several technology businesses in the world

He was first exposed to the Osaka innovation community as a mentor for Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka in 2019. In truth, he didn’t know much about the Osaka ecosystem at that point and had no idea how vibrant the community really is.

He was absolutely blown away by the calibre of companies in Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka batch 1. He was immediately interested in ~30% of the program batch which rivals or exceeds the quality of the accelerators I track closely like Stanford StartX and Alchemist.

These companies were surrounded by strong mentors from industry executives to entrepreneurs, many of whom travelled from around Japan to be in Osaka. This combination of top-tier startups and seasoned mentors with in-depth market knowledge compelled him to become more involved. He is saying that, “from this experience, I was able to identify a set of technologies to commercialise for the Japanese market”.

Mr Jed Ng then launched “Chinaspeed” services in Japan. This technology is a programmatic CDN that scans and replicates a customer’s website, and automatically replaces non-compliant software components with equivalent China technologies. With this technology solution, we are able to optimise the websites of Japanese enterprises within hours instead of months or years, and at a fraction of the cost of going onshore.

This offering is perfect for Japan in his view because of many reasons. For inbound tourism, China tourists by far comprise the highest number of visitors to Japan. In 2019, pre-Covid, there were almost 10MN Chinese visitors or 30% of all tourists according to JTB. Japanese goods are highly coveted around the world for their quality and beauty. China is the top recipient of Japanese exports accounting for around 20% or USD 144TN.
Mr Ng has only just launched the service but has seen encouraging initial interest. With the help of his friends in the Osaka ecosystem, he has been able to serve customers.

Chinaspeed: Website Optimization Technology for China
Targeting foreign audiences with your website takes more than just language and local content. For Japanese companies targeting China, the average website takes 20 seconds to load because commonly used website resources are not optimized in China. Solving this requires an onshore approach that is expensive and time consuming.

Chinaspeed helps our users achieve a world-class web presence in China in hours. Our proven technology is a programmatic CDN that replaces non-compliant software components with technologies optimised in China, dramatically improving website load times to world-class speeds.


・Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp. comment:

“We operate a website that provides coupons for shopping malls in the Osaka-umeda Station area to tourists visiting Japan from overseas, and China is one of the most important markets in inbound tourism (especially with regards to shopping). Since setting up Chinaspeed, the number of pages on our site indexed in the Chinese search engine Baidu have greatly increased, and our access numbers have more than doubled. We’re looking forward to seeing more great results in the future.”

・DayAlive, Inc. comment by Mr Kotaro Sasaki, Executive Director:

“The ability to optimize websites in China is an extremely important component in the success of both domestic and international digital marketing for Japanese companies, organizations, and government agencies.
In an ideal situation, you’d host your site on a server in China, get ICP registration, and have the site operated by a team that’s well-versed in how the internet operates in China, but to do so would require a very large, continual budget, which I think is only doable for a minority of large corporations.
The result is that a lot of websites simply stop at translating their content into Simplified Chinese, or perhaps also have a CDN installed.
Chinaspeed is a service that solves these problems by removing site elements that could negatively affect access from China and significantly shortening page loading times without modifying the existing website. Once you’ve decided to use Chinaspeed, there’s very little time required before it’s operational, and you’re able to greatly reduce running costs, and because of this, I think many companies and organizations, both in Japan and elsewhere will be using it in the future.”

Startupbootcamp Scale Osakaのメンターを体験し、日本でのサービス展開を決意!




 これらの企業は、日本中から大阪に来てくれた産業界の幹部やアントレプレナーなどの強力なメンターに囲まれ、支えられていました。トップレベルのスタートアップや、マーケットに関する深い知識を有するメンター達が居たことで、ウン氏は一層深く彼らと関わることになり、理解を深めました。「この経験を通して、私は日本マーケットでどのような技術を商業化すべきかが分かりました。」 と彼は話しています。




Chinaspeed: 中国向けウェブサイト最適化技術




「当社は訪日観光客向けに 大阪梅田駅周辺の商業施設で使用可能な ショッピングクーポンを提供するWebサイトを運用しており、訪日旅行(特にショッピング)において 中国は最も重要なマーケットの一つです。 Chinaspeedの導入後は中国検索エンジン(Baidu)上のインデックス数が大きく増加し、アクセス数も導入前後で2倍以上に増加してきていますので、今後の更なる効果を期待しています。」

・デイアライブ 佐々木幸太郎取締役によるコメント