NewsMARUI Plug-In –
Why Osaka Is The Best Place To Start Your Business In Japan


MARUI Plug-In –
Why Osaka Is The Best Place To Start Your Business In Japan

MARUI Plug-In Inc. is a virtual reality start-up company launched out of Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) and situated in Osaka. Providing VR tools for designers and developers, MARUI has customers all over the world including some world renowned animation companies.
MARUI was started in Osaka because of its unique mix of support for start-ups, livable environment, accessibility and Japanese culture.
Where smaller cities can sometimes struggle to provide enough business opportunities to fledgling companies and Tokyo can be intimidatingly expensive and fast-paced, Osaka provides the perfect middle ground of a major metropolitan area with the warmth of a small community.

Kansai is the heart of Japan with the three historic cities of Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka in close proximity.
This makes the region not only the most interesting place to visit when traveling, but also a very livable area where a less hectic way of life closer to traditional Japanese values is being enjoyed.
However, still a very densely populated area, it offers plenty of opportunities for both business and leisure.

While the number of accelerators and investors may be higher in Tokyo, so is the number of competitors for all kinds of services.
Osaka has a very familiar atmosphere where people are willing to take time, sit down together and support budding entrepreneurs.
Several offices and services provided by the city do their best to turn each Osaka Start-up company into a world wide success story.
Thanks to Kansai International Airport the metropolitan area is also very well connected to the world outside of Japan,
which helps greatly when receiving visitors or traveling to business events abroad.
It also has a regional airport and Shinkansen bullet-train connection which make trips to other Japanese cities quick and easy.

The start-up scene in Osaka is still small but has grown significantly over the recent years.
Thanks to the cooperation of all citizens, it remained a vital community even throughout 2020 without sacrificing too much of either its vibrancy or economic clout.
Heading towards the 2025 world exhibition, Osaka will without a doubt gain even more significance in the Japanese economy and rise in international standing.
Max Krichenbauer, CEO


株式会社MARUI-PlugInは奈良先端科学技術大学院大学(NAIST)発のスタートアップ企業で、大阪に拠点があります。デザイナーや開発者にバーチャルリアリティ(VR)ツールを提供しているMARUIは、世界的に有名なアニメーション会社やプロ用3DCG ソフトウエア Autodesk Mayaへのバーチャルレアリティサポートとして、3Dアーティストがより早く、深く創作できることを可能にしており、世界中に顧客がいます。


関西は長い歴史を持つ京都、奈良、大阪が隣接しており、日本の中心と言えます。この地域は観光都市であるだけでなく、伝統的な日本文化に近く、より静かな時間も楽しめる住みやすい場所です。 しかも人口の多い地域なので、仕事もレジャーも両方とも様々な機会に恵まれています。



大阪のスタートアップの規模はまだそんなに大きくはないですが、ここ数年で大きく成長してきています。関西全体で協力してきたおかげで2020年も活気や経済的力強さを大きく損ねることなく、重要なコミュニティであり続けることができました。 2025年の万博に向けて、関西は間違いなく日本経済の中での重要性と国際的な立ち位置をさらに高めていくと感じます。
株式会社MARUI-PlugIn CEO