NewsOsaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium Holds First Working-Level Meeting


Osaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium Holds First Working-Level Meeting

The Osaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium, established on October 31 2019, held its first working-level meeting on December 11. Working members from 26 organizations and Mr Masaaki Yoshikawa, an individual member participating as a key person, joined the sessions.

During the meeting they exchanged information on the environment in Osaka for startup businesses, as well as on national strategies for expanding startup bases in Japan, and the selection of candidate cities.

Each and every one of the participants proposed ideas for possible initiatives and together discussed goals, actions and the future direction for building a robust startup base city in Osaka.

The Mori Memorial Foundation’s Institute for Urban Strategies, which recently published its “Global Power City Index 2019” of 48 major cities, gave a presentation titled the “Strengths And Weaknesses Of Osaka As A City”. The Institute pointed out that it would be necessary for Osaka to demonstrate strengths focusing on some specific fields, such as an enhanced capacity for receiving even more foreign visitors, in order to improve the city’s standing and stand out in the world. All participants benefitted from the discussions and the presentation sharing perspectives on Osaka’s strengths and objectives.