New Business with a View to Expo : Next Medium-Term Plan of Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI)


New Business with a View to Expo : Next Medium-Term Plan of Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI)

Expo 2025 (Osaka Kansai Expo) will commence on 13 April 2025, and specific movements have begun in many sectors and fields.

OCCI’s next medium-term plan emphasises the creation of new businesses and supports the participation by second-tier companies and SMEs, with a view to achieving success for the Expo and the future growth of the local economy. Contests reflecting the Expo’s themes will be held and will form a new community among those co-operating with experimental demonstrations.

With participation supporting second-tier companies and SMEs in growing areas, the plan has focused on a suitable environment where technological innovations are constantly created in sectors such as health related fields – from state-of-the-art medicine to sports – and promoting attractive urban lifestyles through building new food brands and digital technology.

In relation to the Expo itself there is a plan to hold a contest for the realisation of “Design of a future society where lives will shine”. It is aimed at bringing in demonstration experiments of cutting-edge industries to Osaka to supplement pre-existing practices, thereby creating a community of those who are willing to try new products and/or services and establishing a test site in line with digitalisation.

万博見据え新ビジネス 大商が次期中期計画