NewsFrom Osaka to the World! A qualifier held for the Startup World Cup


From Osaka to the World! A qualifier held for the Startup World Cup

On 6 February 2020, a qualifier was held in Osaka for the Startup World Cup. The event is one of the world’s largest global pitch contests and conferences sponsored by Pegasus Tech Ventures of the U.S., and marked the fourth event since its inception in 2017. It was the first time for Osaka to host a qualifier, and it was Water Design inc. that fought successfully for this one.

In addition to Osaka, regional qualifiers will be held in more than 60 regions in the world, with all the winning companies going through to a world competition to be held in San Francisco this summer. The champion of the World Cup will receive not only the winning prize of about 100 million yen, but will also receive various benefits such as fund raising opportunities from investors and building networks with companies and celebrities resulting in increased exposure and name recognition worldwide.

Startup World Cup 2020 Osaka Regional

大阪から世界へ!Startup World Cup大阪予選開催

2020年2月6日、スタートアップワールドカップ大阪予選が開催された。スタートアップワールドカップは、米ペガサス・テック・ベンチャーズが主催する世界最大級のグローバルピッチコンテスト・カンファレンスで、2017年より開催されており今回が 4 回目となる。大阪では今年初めての開催となり、この大阪予選を勝ち抜いたのはウォーターデザイン株式会社。


Startup World Cup 2020 Osaka Regional