SBC Osaka “Virtual Startup Expo” Digital Project


SBC Osaka “Virtual Startup Expo” Digital Project

On February 28, the project to select and promote the world’s most promising startups, “Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka (SBC Osaka)” completed its first year program. Unfortunately, the initially planned DemoDay event was not held because of concerns about the spread of COVID-19 (the new strain of coronavirus).

That said, the three-month program was successfully concluded. After communicating about the program and the opportunities of Osaka and Japan as a market and innovative hub with more than 3,000 growth-stage startups world-wide, SBC Osaka team attracted 455 applications, far exceeding expectations. Finally, 13 companies have participated in the program since the end of November last year. Many of the 13 startups are continuing negotiations with partner companies, with the aim of doing business, and currently 17 demonstration experiments are taking place, mainly in Osaka.

「Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka」オンラインでのバーチャルDemoDay開催予定!

In April, a “Virtual Startup Expo” will be held online to take the place of the unfortunately cancelled Demo Day event. There will be presentations and speeches to present the results.



4月には、残念ながら中止となったDemo Dayイベントに代わって、オンラインでのバーチャルDemoDayが開催されることが決まっている。成果発表の場として、プレゼンテーションやスピーチなどが行われる予定だ。