The Post-corona Ways of Working: Possible Solution by Osaka Startup


The Post-corona Ways of Working: Possible Solution by Osaka Startup

Quite a few companies have recently introduced so called “teleworking” (or remote working) in an effort to avoid any risks from the novel Coronavirus infection (COVID-19). You might, however, be one of those who have felt the gap between this newly introduced working style, introduced under circumstances for which we have been unprepared, and the ways of working in the past. The big change is seen in the way in which we communicate with others. As such it is even more important to share information with colleagues when working together as a team.

We are pleased to introduce the “Re:lation” software application, designed and developed by INGAGE Inc. headquartered in Osaka as an option. It is a cloud-based service enabling centralised management of inquiries from customers via email, telephone, SNS and so on, with the sharing of information and roles among members of working teams. This not only distributes the workload, but also leads to visualisation of each other’s situation, preventing errors and omissions when responding to enquiries.

It has become an important management issue to adopt flexible working methods such as remote working from home which should be deployed in emergencies. “Re:lation” is a solution for those issues, featuring as a Cloud-based service taking advantage of an Internet environment. No matter how far each space is located from others, or however work is carried out via teleworking or working from home, it is easy to share information and consolidate communication within an organisation, so it enables people to proceed with business without losing productivity.

The system can grasp the status of responses in real time, and analyse response times and the number of enquiries, making it suitable for the quantitative evaluation of operations and the analysis/improvement of productivity.

In addition, “Re:lation” has been selected as an eligible tool for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “IT Introduction Subsidy 2020,” so you may want to take advantage of this opportunity to look into it.







 また、『Re:lation(リレーション)』は経済産業省が推進する「IT導入補助金 2020」の導入対象ツールに採択されている。