The massive growth of IT Vietnamese company in global market – Rikkei Japan opens a base in Osaka


The massive growth of IT Vietnamese company in global market – Rikkei Japan opens a base in Osaka

Rikkeisoft Vietnam was founded in 2012 by Vietnamese entrepreneurs who had studied in Japan. The company was named after Ritsumeikan, the university that its Chairman and President attended, and Keio, the university that other staff members attended.

Rikkei Japan was established in 2016 to expand the market, has more than 120 employees now. On January 1, 2020, Rikkei was selected for Japan’s 100 Best Venture Companies for its success and opened a branch office in Osaka.

The Rikkeisoft Osaka office plans to build and strengthen its relationships with customers and universities, expand its activities, and engage fully in human resource development and joint research in the Kansai region. Furthermore, it is committed to
cooperation with the Vietnamese Association of the Kansai.

Quite a few Japanese may find it difficult to manage Vietnamese developers. Certainly, there might be differences in communication and culture. However, Osaka Office Director Mr. Nakamura says, “In my mind, there is no difference between Japanese and
Vietnamese staff because we are both members of the same group companies. We value communication with our members, and I talk to employees face-to-face every day to build close relationships.”

In other words, our mission is to create a startup environment that foreign entrepreneurs who have studied in Japan and established a business in their home country, will see the value of Japan, and eventually Osaka and Kansai area, when they consider
their next business location.

*Rikkeisoft Co., Ltd.