NewsT-CEP(Technology Commercialization Entrepreneurship Program) : An Innovative Personnel Training Program to “Change Innovative Idea into Wealth”


T-CEP(Technology Commercialization Entrepreneurship Program) : An Innovative Personnel Training Program to “Change Innovative Idea into Wealth”

Innovative people who can create business from scratch are required to break up a sense of gloom in society. T-CEP is the project which aims at producing 100 such innovators in the Umekita* district.

The Kansai is a center of universities and research institutions. There are a number of students who can lead new businesses. The fact is, however, most of them seek employment in Tokyo.

On the other hand, there are Kansai-based companies that do not move their HQs to Tokyo. One of their main characteristics is that they regard overseas markets as their major markets. So what is needed to advance into foreign markets? It requires companies to present such clear universal values as energy saving, resource saving, and branding. In this respect, the intellectual property, history and culture of the Kansai region must be extremely powerful weapons. T-CEP aims at identifying and training a large number of those who can cultivate this treasure-trove of this region.

It is said that such a venture may be difficult for those who are not well acquainted with technology. However, if you have curiosity, ambition and power of action, there will be no problems. Those researchers who present technologies wish to implement the research result in society, so they explain it in a way even amateurs understand well. Only such researchers will join the program.

It offers participants further opportunities for learning. Those who attended lectures last year will coach seminar attendees this year, and they can learn through teaching. Researchers will also be aware of various aspects through talking to them. Experience is an indispensable element for people to grow. If you want to be an innovative person, T-CEP will certainly give you an invaluable experience.

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Umekita refers to the area of the former Umeda Freight Station, which is next to the north side of JR Osaka Station. It is said to be the last large scale urban redevelopment project in central Osaka covering 24 ha (about 60 acres). Phase I with an area of 7 ha was completed in 2013 and is known as Grand Front Osaka. The 17 ha of Phase II is now under development and will be “the face of Osaka” to the world.

T-CEP(Technology Commercialization Entrepreneurship Program):「革新的な知を富に変える」イノベータ人材育成プログラム





 受講者には、さらなる学びの機会を提供している。昨年の受講者は、コーチとして今年のチームに伴走する。「教えることは学ぶこと」をシステム化している。研究者も人に伝えることで様々な気付きを得ることができる。人の成長には、経験が絶対に必要である。もしあなたがイノベータ人材になりたいと思っているなら、T-CEPは重要な経験を与えてくれると確信している。 (参考: