Get in the Ring Osaka 2018

“Get in the Ring” is a startup support event started from 2012 in the Netherlands. In the unconventional, exciting pitch battle, contestants compete against each other over their projects in a ring.
According to the original rules, this is a battle with concise business explanations in a lively rhythm, making it possible to convey the value of each project. Audience will get excited, as it is a tournament play.
Now, it is held in 100 countries around the world, providing rights to take on a challenge on the World Final with the winners from each country.
We are now recruiting entrepreneurs who want to participate in the Japan Final to be held in Osaka on February 28 (Tue.) next year.
We are looking forward to meeting entrepreneurs who wish to take on a challenge to the world stage.

Last year’s Get in the Ring


Deadline dateJanuary 21 (Sun.), 2018, 23:59 (*Japan time)
*In case applicants do not meet the requirement, we may decline.
*In case the number of applications exceeds the capacity, we will screen their entry contents and inform its acceptance or rejection of them individually.Award1. The winner will have a ticket to the Global Final.
*The winner will also be given transportation and accommodation fees needed.
2. Registration of all participated companies’ information in the GITR company database will provide them with opportunities for global business matching in the future.

Target – Started businesses in the past eight years.
– Able to pitch, ask and answer questions in English
– Having an innovative, scalable business idea or model
*Eligibility is limited to those who have already started their venture companies.
There are no limitations about the size, field or location of the company.
Fee Free of charge
Number of people Heavy class 20 companies , Light Class 20 companies

Entry form is here.(deadline:2018/1/28)


There are an introduction (1 minute) and 5 rounds (30 seconds each) to pitch for 30 seconds in each round according to the following themes. After a pitch of every round, there are a Q&A and a vote for the winner by our Champion Judges and the audience. A startup who gains more votes than others will be the winner at the time of the last round. It is important to convey good points of their business verbally without using slides.

  • Introduction : Self-introduction (1min.)

  • Round 1: Team introduction (30 sec.)

    This round covers introduction of their various skills and experiences to show their uniqueness.

  • Round 2: Achievements (30 sec.)

    In this round, startups appeal what they have done so far, including business achievements, revenues, the number of customers, partners and investors.

  • Round 3: Business model and market (30 sec.)

    In this round, startups talk about originality of their business models and growth of the market to show their differentiating strategies against their rivals.

  • Round 4: Financials and investment (30 sec.)

    Startups make a presentation about their financial situation including its high profitability, advantages for investors and how will the money be used.

  • Round 5: Freestyle (30 sec.)

    Here startups are free to do what they want in a last effort to convey their passion to their business in 30 seconds. Finalize their pitches with passion!


18:30-19:00 Introduction of judges and rule explanation
19:00-20:00 Semi-Final
20:00-20:20 Final and determination of a winner
20:20-21:30 Networking meeting
*We will hold pitch training and the elimination round for entries from 10:00 on the day.
Six shortlisted entries can proceed to the main battle from 18:30.

Experience of the last year’s winner

I think it is most suitable for entrepreneurs who want to improve their English skills, as this is a pitch held only in English without using slides. I deeply regret that I lost at an early stage in the World Final, though I won the Japan Final. I should have appealed more emotionally. This is an intriguing event, so I strongly recommend that people who are interested in take on a challenge!


  • Mr. Oscar Kneppers
    Oscar Kneppers, founder of Rockstart, launched several cross-media brands since 1998 as a serial entrepreneur, focusing on new media, innovation and technology. After selling his media business, he founded Rock Start in 2011. He started his career with publisher IDG in the Netherlands. In 1998, he started his first business with Emerce, in 2005 launched Bright, and in 2007 launched Bright.TV. Over the years, his companies won several awards. He is married, has two children and lives in Amsterdam.

  • Mr. Oko Davaasuren
    Mr. Davaasuren, Regional Director of Techstars in Asia, is a founder and community builder of the company. He co-founded several startups in Asia, supporting this management. He gained a master’s degree in finance and engineering technology management at Portland State University and then obtained MBA back in Mongolia. He enjoys playing squash and long-distance motorbike riding in his free time.

  • Mr. Gidi Schmerling
    Gidi Schmerling is the Director of Media Relations at the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality. He also heads the “Digitel” project, thanks to which Tel Aviv-Yafo was nominated the smartest city in the world at the Smart City EXPO World Congress held in Barcelona. Schmerling is in charge of Tel Aviv-Yafo’s Media Arts field in UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. He is also a director at Tel Aviv Global and Tourism, which is an initiative that promotes Tel Aviv as an international center of innovation, leveraging its status as the city with the largest concentration of startups and technological accelerators in the world. Schmerling previously served as Head of the National Information Directorate of the Israeli government and Spokesman for the Prime Minister. He has a MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Zurich and is also a Harvard University alumnus.

*We will inform other judges as soon as they are decided.


Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH)
Tel +81-6-6359-3004
(Monday to Friday, 10:00-18:30, *except holidays and New Year period)

*We will take photos and videos for information delivery after the event, and may undertake media interviews. Please agree to the possibility of participants’ appearance in these photos and videos.
*Please note that personal information handled in the event will be shared by Osaka Innovation Hub (operated by Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center) and Get In The Ring Office (headquartered in the Netherlands)