03. Meet Founders

ArchiTek Founder, CTO Shuichi Takada

Shuichi Takada
――What does your startup do?
We are an R & D manufacturer developing architectures and algorithms and implementing them on FPGA / LSI / software.
――What problem are you trying to solve?
We leverage edge computing to solve burgeoning volumes of communication data and the security risks associated with it. We also use image processing and AI to make people safer worldwide.
――Why did you choose Osaka?
This is my birthplace and hometown.
――What do you think about Osaka’s startup community?
I think that there was considerable support up to the point of opening a business, but a lack of networking and community at each step as companies expand. I would like to see community involvement in each step and a community in which we can also collaborate with large companies.
――How has Osaka’s Governments (City & Prefecture) helped your startup?
I feel that various support programs exist after establishing a company, and they are fairly helpful. That being said, most of them look similar to each other or lack any distinguishing characteristics. It would be better to offer support with unique themes to support relevant startups in depth.
――Where is your favorite place in Osaka and why?
Sumiyoshi Ward in Osaka City. I was born there and the area retains a traditional atmosphere, e.g. with Sumiyoshi Taisha, a large shrine and its trams. Sumiyoshi Ward is also convenient when traveling to Namba and Umeda too.
――Do you have advice for people considering doing a startup in Osaka?
Let’s bring social contributions and disruptive innovations from Osaka to the world.