03. Meet Founders

MARUI-Plugin Founder, CEO Max Krichenbauer

Max Krichenbauer
――What does your startup do?
We develop a 3D-design software as a plug-in (middle-ware) which is usable on VR.
――What problem are you trying to solve?
Given the difficulty in building a 3D model with a mouse and keyboard, I believe most 3D models will be created using VR in the near future. However, designers lack the time to learn new software, so our plug-in allows them to continue using the same software that they are used to managing, but in VR. Our plug-in eliminates restrictions for designers so they can start using VR easily.
――Why did you choose Osaka?
I chose Osaka as my office headquarters because I was studying at a university in Nara while starting my own business, and Osaka was the largest metropolitan area with easy access from Nara.

I personally like Osaka very much and had no interest in moving to other cities even after graduation.
――What do you think about Osaka’s startup community?
It may be relatively small, but that is why it is a warm business community, where companies help each other and work hard to grow.
――How has Osaka’s Governments (City & Prefecture) helped your startup?
We have had support from various organizations and business networks. For instance, we received a subsidy from Sansokan (the one-stop business support center run by the Osaka Business Development Agency).
――Where is your favorite place in Osaka and why?
There is a bar called “Shooting Bar Five” in the Kyobashi area where you can play shooting toy guns. I like going there. It is fun.
――Do you have advice for people considering doing a startup in Osaka?
While living expenses in Osaka are lower than Tokyo, going (to Tokyo) to meet with clients, partner companies or investors frequently may be challenging. If your business does not require such consistent meetings with them, Osaka is a good choice.