03. Meet Founders

RaySol Technologies Founder, CEO Tatsuo Ueyama

Tatsuo Ueyama
――What does your startup do?
We develop a system to find cracks and debonding areas that exist inside the concrete structures such as tunnels.
――What problem are you trying to solve?
We are planning to digitalize the analog sound testing for concrete and create a database.
――Why did you choose Osaka?
Our research, which has evolved into a startup, started from an Osaka University lab and we are also keen to empower Osaka.
――What do you think about Osaka’s startup community?
Having OIH in the center means a great environment, given the abundant unique and energetic startups here, with many support systems and a healthy sense of competitiveness between the companies.
――How has Osaka’s Governments (City & Prefecture) helped your startup?
Both have helped us to take a major step forward to where I am now as a CEO since I was running the company having no idea about the business mindset or techniques.
――Where is your favorite place in Osaka and why?
The Grand Front area. It’s a great neighborhood for startups to be based in – everything is accessible from there- and I have a special attachment to the area.
――Do you have advice for people considering doing a startup in Osaka?
In Osaka, numerous pitch competitions exist, and you will find plenty of business opportunities here.