SUNTORY GROUP Shinjiro Torii


Becoming a pioneer in Japanese liquor production with the spirit of “Just give it a try.”
After studying western brewing techniques at a pharmaceutical wholesaler, he started his own business and began importing wines. After that, he also took on a challenge to develop products that pleased the tastes of Japanese people. “Akadama Port Wine”, which was completed in 1907, as Shinjiro pursued a unique brand image from the beginning.
He also became a pioneer in the Japanese advertisement, as he vigorously promoted his products in newspapers and street billboards. When healthy nutrition became a popular concept, he actively launched a sales promotion using catchphrases like “Nourishing and Revitalizing,” to create a new market.
Aiming to launch an authentic whiskey production in Japan, he took on a challenge to begin producing domestic whiskey at a distillery in Yamazaki, Kyoto, with the spirit of “Just give it a try.” Through repeated trials and errors, he finally completed the domestic whiskey production and widely spread the whiskey culture amongst the Japanese people. Today, Suntory produces whiskeys that are highly regarded worldwide.