03. Meet Founders


Leading the world in the production of specialized chairs for hair salons, barbers and dental clinics.
Hidenobu Yoshikawa founded the Takara Chuzo Ltd. in 1921. He established the business foundation based on the technique and knowledge he gained from working at a casting factory.
In response to the mass orders of barber chair legs, he began to produce full barber chairs at his company with an integrated production system. The company has developed innovative products that meet customer needs, such as the world’s first electric barber chair, which has revolutionized barber shops and hair salons.
Based on the belief that “There is only one world. Great products will be used anywhere in the world,” Hidenobu established a local corporation in the United States in 1956. Takara Belmont quickly expanded overseas and became one of the world’s top barber and beauty equipment manufacturer.
The technology and know-how that accumulated over many years has been widely utilized in the development of medical equipment as well as salon designs. The company is diversifying and evolving its businesses. It is to be noted that Takara Belmont was the only small to medium-sized company that was granted an exhibit at the Japan World Exposition, Osaka 1970.