03. Meet Founders

YRGLM Founder, CEO Susumu Iwata

Susumu Iwata
――What does your startup do?
Yrglm is a marketing technology company that supports corporate marketing. We provide services that allow both sellers and buyers to find mutually beneficial business partners in ideal situations through suitable communications.
――What problem are you trying to solve?
Corporate marketing has shifted from mass marketing to targeted marketing as individual needs have become diversified over time. Companies today have to know each individual customer well to be able to offer appealing products with an effective message. We help companies to build good relationships with their customers by providing a platform to measure online user behaviors and to utilize the insights.
――Why did you choose Osaka?
Osaka is an ideal place for hiring talents, which is critical for the expansion of a business. Especially, the Osaka / Umeda station is the largest station in the Kansai region and offers easy access to various places, which makes hiring great employees from all around the region possible.
――What do you think about Osaka’s startup community?
I believe the community has become stronger than ever because it continues to work hard to produce more IPOs and listed companies consistently, which leads to creating new employment opportunities as well.
――How has Osaka’s Governments (City & Prefecture) helped your startup?
Governments of Osaka help us stay updated with local business information. We would like to make more use of that from now on.
――Where is your favorite place in Osaka and why?
Osaka / Umeda station area. It is the central station of the Kansai region where many people gather together.
――Do you have advice for people considering doing a startup in Osaka?
The more momentum Osaka gets, the better the business environment here will be, which then will bring even more resources such as people, goods, money, and information to support startups. So, let’s work hard together to invigorate the local startup scene while aiming to scale our businesses in Japan and to the world.